Sunshine on the Go

I'm a marathoner and recent law school grad. You can generally find me running, taking pictures of my food, or watching Food Network.

I’m really enjoying half- marathon training this season. I partially attribute that to my running group, the L.A. Leggers, because they use the Galloway run-walk method and it’s really helped me to get up quickly into higher mileage without hurting myself and without getting discouraged. I can’t tell you that I’ll do the Galloway method forever, and I’m certainly not using it on my mid-week training runs (I ran my 3.5 miler this evening without stopping and at full 2 minutes faster pace!), but I’m enjoying the process. This is a cut-back week— just 5 miles for the long run this Saturday. But I’m really excited about the 12-miler the following Saturday. Wee I love running!