Gluten- Free, Dairy- Free, Egg- Free? Ughhhh

At the height of my bar exam stress, my body decided that a great way to respond to stress was to break out in eczema-type hives. Mmmmm. Attractive. Nothing says sexy like a nice rash, right? My face actually got puffy on one side. Ew. NTFW? Just kidding, it’s safe, just gross. 

Anyway, so I went to the allergist during bar prep and she gave me steroids to get me through the summer (bar prep & Japan), but made me promise to come back for a skin test. I went in for my skin test and the results are in: gluten (wheat, rye, barley), maybe dairy, and maybe egg white (plus other environmental ones like pollen). Gluten I already knew. I’ve been gluten sensitive for months now, but apparently the bar really set it off and now I’m officially full-blown gluten-free. So that’s fun. At least I’m already familiar with g-free food and have been more or less living a g-free lifestyle for a while. That one won’t be too bad. 

The ones that are going to be really challenging are dairy and egg white. She said that the wheat allergy was much, much stronger than the dairy and egg ones, and that, in practice, I may actually be able to eat dairy and egg. However, I have to eliminate them from my diet for 2 weeks and then re-introduce them to make sure. Fingers crossed that I won’t have to completely give up dairy. It doesn’t bother my stomach, but I certainly can’t walk around with itchy red blotches all over my arms and face. If no dairy is the only way to live without itchy spots, I may have to give it up even if I don’t want to. We will see. 

Anyone have any recommendations for dairy- free and egg-free mayo, cheese, yogurt, etc..? 


I’m back from Japan! It was amazing. I was confused nearly every second of every day, but it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. Everything was bright. And everything was different. I thought I was pretty well traveled since I’ve been to nearly every country to Europe plus a few others, and a good amount of the U.S., but Japan exposed my true travel inexperience: nothing made sense and I was constantly lost. 

Although it made traveling difficult, I loved how different everything was. Anything you can think of, it’s different in Japan. And that was great. And challenging. The best example I can think of: in the first neighborhood in Tokyo where my hotel was (Choyoda), T and I had a difficult time finding food. Turns out, the food in that neighborhood was in train stations, department stores, and office buildings. We couldn’t find a street-level restaurant anywhere. In America, I can’t think of a time where i couldn’t find a restaurant because all of the restaurants were underground. 

Anyway, it was an adventure and I had a wonderful time! Part of me wishes I was still off having an adventure, and another part of me is glad to be back in L.A.. My weekend back stateside has been wonderful: I’ve been relaxing, organizing my life, and eating delicious American food. 

I went for a run at the beach…

I went to the Farmers Market and came home with a delicious spread. 

And I made a delicious salad. I followed this Epicurious recipe for the most part. However, I only added almonds to the dressing and not to the salad (mostly because I only had honey roasted almond slices and it tasted weird), and I also added radishes (which I highly recommend!). Also, I used 1/3 kale, 1/3 shaved brussels sprouts, and 1/3 broccoli slaw (from TJs) for added variety. 

Hello, America! 

Flight from Tokyo to LA.

Back in LA and I see this sign: Uniqlo from Tokyo to LA! How did they know? Making the transition easier. And I bought a pair of the leggings pants in green for $22, btw. And they’re great! Go get them!

Eating healthy with a homemade smoothie bowl. Japan was delicious but not necessarily as nutritious as you would expect. I’m trying to bulk up on fruits and veggies. Now, unpacking, trying to get over the 16-hour jet lag (it’s 1:30pm in LA and 5:30am tomorrow in Japan…. That’ll throw you for a loop…), and trying to gear up for a run (my legs want it but my time change ravaged body does not).